• Valuable Tips for Construction Contractors When Hiring Excavators

    The cost of purchasing a state-of-the-art construction machinery such as an excavator can be substantial and prohibitive to construction contractors on a budget. Therefore, hiring an excavator is a viable alternative that helps to save money and get work done efficiently. The savings made can be used to expand the construction business. Here are some valuable tips for construction contractors looking to hire excavators. Qualified Operator -- Some excavator hiring firms will insist on providing their operators to accompany the equipment to the job-site. [Read More]

  • Earthmoving: Enhancing the Workability and Durability of Earthmoving Equipment by Proper Maintenance

    Earthmoving equipment and machinery help you in most of your construction and landscaping activities. For them to give you quality and durable services, it is crucial that you know how to take care and maintain them. Cleaning Your Earthmoving Equipment Cleaning is a great way to keep your earthmoving equipment in the right shape and state. The fact that the earthmoving machines engage in dirty and difficult work makes it very essential that you clean them thoroughly from time to time. [Read More]

  • Hydraulic Repair Equipment You Should Know About

    A hydraulic machine is a complicated system that requires skilled expertise to repair and maintain. Aside from the qualified personnel needed, the machine also depends on an assortment of tools which are intended to assist the professional to complete his repair tasks with ease and simplicity. Most of the parts of a hydraulic machine cannot be fixed with bare hands and this is where the tools come in handy. Some of the tools used in the repair of hydraulic equipment include; the workshop maintenance equipment, the tool pumps as well as the hydraulic spreaders. [Read More]

  • Safety tips for common types of earthmoving equipment

    Earthmoving machinery plays an important role in most, if not all construction projects. Its usage can, however, present certain risks both to operators and those in the vicinity of the machinery. Here are some safety tips for two very common types of earthmoving equipment. Excavators Excavators are used primarily for the digging of foundations and trenches. An operator's visibility is limited when they are sitting inside this vehicle; as such, many of the accidents involving excavators are caused by the operator moving the machinery in a way that leads to them hitting nearby workers or pedestrians. [Read More]

  • 3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Crane

    Most commercial buildings are usually high-rise buildings. Therefore, if you are thinking of building one, you will need heavy construction equipment to help with the lifting of materials. An example of indispensable equipment when it comes to lifting materials is a crane. However, different cranes are designed for different tasks, which means you need to consider some factors in order to find the right one for your project. To help you, here are a few things to think about: [Read More]

  • 4 Truck Seat Options You Should Try

    Are you shopping for an aftermarket truck seat for your heavy-goods truck? Read on and discover some of the extra features of truck seats that you should order in case you are a driver-owner of a heavy truck. Massager Truck drivers often feel sore and stiff as they get out of the truck after several hours on the road. This soreness may be due to the decline in blood circulation to the lower extremities resulting from spending so many hours without stretching the legs. [Read More]

  • Four Benefits of Custom Order Picker Training for Your Company

    If you own a factory, industrial facility or any other company that uses forklifts, you may want to consider hiring a specialist to do custom forklift training for your company. In many cases, this can be more effective than hiring forklift operators that have completed general order picker training. Here's a look at some of the benefits of custom training sessions.  1. You Can Keep Existing Employees Onboarding new employees can be expensive and time consuming. [Read More]

  • Buying Used Forklifts

    Heavy lifting necessitates the use of heavy machinery. Forklifts are the go to machines where weights have to be lifted. They are of different types with different capabilities. Forklifts for sale come in different types. They vary according to specifications such as the weight they can bear, the maximum height up to which they can lift and their designated use and capabilities. To get the right forklift for your business, you need to know what the forklift will be used for. [Read More]

  • Options Available When Contemplating Earthmoving Equipment Hire

    Earthmoving equipment is essential for an assortment of industries ranging from construction to mining. As long as you are looking to relocate heavy and bulky materials such as lumber, rocks and other forms of debris, you will need to consider investing in this equipment. However, since there are a myriad of options that you could choose, heavy equipment hire may be more economical for you, especially if the industry you are in has high and low seasons. [Read More]

  • What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Crane at Short Notice?

    You may pride yourself in taking on significant "DIY" jobs and have decided to plough ahead with a major renovation and construction project at home. This may involve building a sizeable extension, which requires structural alteration to part of the existing property. While you may be perfectly able to do this work and confident of the outcome, problems can arise and sometimes these can be sizeable. If you find that part of the structure you're dealing with has failed during the job and has brought everything to a halt, then you need to bring in a crane very quickly to help deal with it. [Read More]