Four Benefits of Custom Order Picker Training for Your Company

Posted on: 26 April 2017

If you own a factory, industrial facility or any other company that uses forklifts, you may want to consider hiring a specialist to do custom forklift training for your company. In many cases, this can be more effective than hiring forklift operators that have completed general order picker training. Here's a look at some of the benefits of custom training sessions. 

1. You Can Keep Existing Employees

Onboarding new employees can be expensive and time consuming. If you already have employees you know and trust, you may want to develop and expand their existing skill set rather than recruiting new employees with outside training. Custom training can help with this pursuit.

In addition, when you customise a training course for your facility, you can focus specifically on the areas where your employees need extra work. That can be more effective for your business than sending your employees off site for training at a school.

2. Training Is Customised for Your Needs

There are a lot of vagaries when it comes to order picking, and the task can vary a lot based on the type of inventory you have, how it's organised and the equipment you use to track it. When you opt for custom order picker training, the instruction can be directly based on your inventory and methods.

In addition, there's more than one forklift on the market, and custom training ensures that your employees learn to use the equipment you have. That can also improve efficiency and safety. For example, instead of giving your employees general information on forklift safety and maintenance, the instructor can focus the lessons directly around your type of equipment. In particular, the instructor can guide your employees through pre-operation checklists, stability essentials with that forklift and how to charge its battery after use.

3. Custom Training Is a Perk for Employees

As an employer, you may need to be competitive about attracting and retaining quality talent. Offering extra training can sometimes help in this regard. Training gives your employees professional development that can help them in their current role in your company as well as in future roles with other companies. Offering development, training and other perks can help boost employee satisfaction and employee trust in your company.

4. Custom Training Can Address Gaps in Current Operations

In some cases, you may want the individuals customising the course for you to visit your facility first. This allows these professionals to look over your current operations and identify any areas for improvement in safety or efficiency. Then, they can customise the course to directly address these issues.

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