• Looking to Hire a Forklift? Here Are 3 Important Safety Tips for You

    On construction sites, no industrial equipment is more perfectly suited for lifting and moving materials and items over short distances and through short heights than forklift machines. If you're looking into forklift hire for a particular construction job, you'll need to think about forklift safety. Like other heavy construction equipment, forklifts can be potentially dangerous to operate, so prioritising safety is vital when using the equipment. There are many preventative steps you can take to ensure the safety of everyone involved in your forklift operations. [Read More]

  • Save Money on Your Next Crane Hire with These 3 Tips

    Are you planning to hire a crane for your next construction project? Getting the most out of your crane is more than just hiring the right one. You have to think about the amount of money you spend on the crane too. Generally, the costs of the hire will vary depending on the size of the crane and the duration of the hire. However, if you're not careful, you can easily end up paying more than you should and this could interfere with your budget for the project. [Read More]

  • Two safety precautions operators of heavy construction equipment should take during demolition projects

    In order to prevent accidents from occurring during the course of a demolition project, operators of heavy construction equipment must take certain safety precautions. An experienced and professional demolition company, like Roach Demolition & Excavations, will always train their employees to take the proper steps and precautions. Read on to find out what these precautions are. Inspect the equipment before using it Anyone who has been tasked with using a specific piece of heavy construction equipment during a demolition project should thoroughly inspect it before they switch it on. [Read More]

  • Valuable Tips for Construction Contractors When Hiring Excavators

    The cost of purchasing a state-of-the-art construction machinery such as an excavator can be substantial and prohibitive to construction contractors on a budget. Therefore, hiring an excavator is a viable alternative that helps to save money and get work done efficiently. The savings made can be used to expand the construction business. Here are some valuable tips for construction contractors looking to hire excavators. Qualified Operator -- Some excavator hiring firms will insist on providing their operators to accompany the equipment to the job-site. [Read More]