Crane Hire Tips

Posted on: 10 February 2023

Crane hire is a cost-effective and flexible option for contractors who need cranes at their construction site. However, what things should you consider when hiring a crane? Below are some valuable pointers. 

Choose A Suitable Crane

Meet with your site engineers to determine the kind of crane(s) required at your site. Several factors will determine the type of cranes to rent; 

  • What are the working conditions at the site? For instance, you could opt for a rough-terrain crane when working on rocky and muddy surfaces.
  • What are the crane's height and load specifications? Ideally, the rental crane should exceed these specifications to prevent wear and tear on the various components.
  • Do you need a tower or mobile crane? Tower cranes are best suited for the construction of skyscrapers. On the other hand, mobile cranes guarantee versatility since you can move them from one location to the next.
  • Always consider new crane models since they come with the latest craning technologies. 

The project plan should inform you when to rent the cranes. For instance, you might need a telehandler at the initial construction stages. On the other hand, you could upgrade to a crawler crane as the project takes shape. Conduct background research to establish rental companies that can offer the required cranes. The general rule is to inspect these machines before taking them to your site. Remember, defects such as worn-out wire ropes and hydraulic components could cause accidents as you use the crane. 

Negotiate The Rental Conditions 

Most clients forget to negotiate the crane rental conditions. As such, they make errors that cause disputes with the rental company. The best approach would be to ask the rental company to send a copy of the rental contract. Assess the agreement to establish whether it suits your crane use needs. For example, check whether the company has restrictions on when you can use the crane. It is a vital concern when you want to use the equipment at night or on weekends. 

Does the crane hire company offer wet and dry hire arrangements? Examine your needs and budget and choose a suitable arrangement. For instance, wet hire helps you avoid the hassles of operating, fuelling or rigging the equipment. Conversely, dry hire suits contractors with the expertise needed to operate the crane. Finally, assess the crane rental costs. Negotiate the company's quote by asking for discounted services. For example, the company could discount the daily charge for long-term hire contracts. Moreover, it could provide free servicing. 

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