4 Truck Seat Options You Should Try

Posted on: 2 May 2017

Are you shopping for an aftermarket truck seat for your heavy-goods truck? Read on and discover some of the extra features of truck seats that you should order in case you are a driver-owner of a heavy truck.


Truck drivers often feel sore and stiff as they get out of the truck after several hours on the road. This soreness may be due to the decline in blood circulation to the lower extremities resulting from spending so many hours without stretching the legs.

Some truck seat manufacturers now provide an option of equipping seats with a massager. This feature can be turned on about half an hour before you reach a scheduled destination. The seat will then massage your lower back and thighs so that you don't feel any soreness once you get out of the truck at the delivery point.

Heated Backrest

It may also be worthwhile for you to spend the extra money that is needed to order a truck seat with a heated backrest. This feature is particularly helpful in case you often drive for long distances during the winter. The cold weather outside will not affect your body because the heat warming your back will radiate to the rest of your body. That warmth may also reduce the likelihood of becoming sore since the warmth will make it easy for blood to flow easily throughout your body.

Inflatable Back Area

Truck drivers often develop back pain because their backs remain in one position throughout a long trip. You can avoid this problem by ordering a truck seat with the option of an inflatable back area. This feature will enable your back to move gently throughout the trip because the back area will keep inflating and deflating. In this way, you will be safeguarded from many of the lower back problems that other truck drivers complain about at the end of long trips.

Leather Seats

Of what use is an ergonomic truck seat that becomes an eyesore after a few years of use? Truck seats should be visually pleasing in addition to serving their functional roles of protecting you from health risks, such as whole body vibrations. A leather seat will remain looking attractive throughout its entire service life. Furthermore, leather isn't prone to causing you any discomfort as the ambient temperature changes. For instance, your thighs will be less likely to feel frozen in winter because leather isn't a good conductor of heat. You will therefore feel the same degree of comfort in any season of the year.

Don't just go for the basics when you go shopping for a truck seat. Order the extras above when you select a new truck seat. After all, you will be spending most hours of the day using that seat.