Buying Used Forklifts

Posted on: 11 April 2017

Heavy lifting necessitates the use of heavy machinery. Forklifts are the go to machines where weights have to be lifted. They are of different types with different capabilities.

Forklifts for sale come in different types. They vary according to specifications such as the weight they can bear, the maximum height up to which they can lift and their designated use and capabilities.

To get the right forklift for your business, you need to know what the forklift will be used for. It could be best to have a skilled mechanic advise you in case you are not well versed in the technical details that will inform the decision on the best forklift to buy.

Used forklifts are a great option if you find new forklifts are way above your budget. They save you money while giving you good service. This is true if you buy a used forklift from a dealership rather than an individual seller. Most dealerships sell both new and used forklifts.

Buying a used forklift from a dealership has many perks, including:

  • They have warranties ranging from one to two years.
  • They have well-trained staff who can advise you on the best forklifts for your business after evaluating your needs.
  • They provide you with many options to choose form.
  • They can offer a few free repairs and maintenance.
  • The used forklifts sold by dealerships are checked for any flaws because they do not want to sell substandard goods to their clients.
  • When dealerships buy used forklifts, they recondition and service them to make them as good as new. A good used forklift can serve you for many years.
  • It is easier to get financing if you are buying a used forklift from an authorized dealership.

When looking at the forklift it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The age of the forklift.
  • Usage and history of the forklift.
  • The condition of the forklift, those in excellent condition may cost more but will serve you for longer.
  • The features of the forklift, how many attachments it can support and how versatile it is in carrying different types of weights.

Getting the best dealership is important when you want to buy a used forklift. The ideal dealership should have a reputation of selling used forklifts. It should also have good customer service so that you can be assured it will carry out the required repairs covered by the warranty in good time if the need arises.