Two Situations in Which You Should Use Compact Earthmoving Equipment

Posted on: 18 May 2021

Here are some situations in which you should use compact earthmoving equipment.

You're renovating a property that is close to a busy street or other properties

If you're renovating a property that is close to a very busy street or to other properties, then you should use compact excavators and bulldozers for your project. Turning a standard-sized piece of earthmoving equipment around in a busy area, where there are several buildings, vehicles, trees and other objects within a few feet of the equipment, is very difficult, as there is a high risk that this bulky equipment will collide with one of these features, or that the soil it's carrying will be dropped on them. Because of this, those operating this standard-sized equipment have to move incredibly slowly, to prevent accidents.

In contrast, a person operating a compact bulldozer or excavator in this setting can work quite quickly, as it is easier to move this smaller equipment around in this obstacle-riddled environment without any collisions occurring. As such, even though the buckets and blades of compact earthmoving equipment cannot hold as much as the equivalent components of standard-sized machinery, those operating this compact equipment in this setting can still usually move the soil far more quickly than if they were using larger pieces of equipment.

Your construction project budget is small

If your construction project budget is modest, then you should use compact earthmoving equipment. Because of its smaller size, it is cheaper to rent than its bigger counterpart. Whilst the operator will need to pick up smaller loads of soil more frequently than they would if they were using bigger earthmoving equipment, they should be able to get the work done quickly, as long as there isn't too much of a distance between the area where they'll be picking up the soil and the area where they need to drop it off.

Using cheaper, smaller types of earthmoving equipment might also leave you with enough leftover cash to hire a more experienced excavator. Their skillfulness could allow you to get the earthmoving stage over with very quickly, as they'll be less likely to make errors than newly-qualified operators (which means no time will be wasted resolving any earthmoving-related mistakes) and will be better able to work quickly in difficult conditions (such as heavy rain), due to having operated this equipment in these conditions many times before. 

For more information about this type of equipment, contact a local supplier.