3 Top Accessories for Trench Shoring Equipment

Posted on: 23 September 2019

Certain types of trench shoring equipment are suited for specific applications. For instance, if you are excavating a trench that is at most three feet deep, then aluminium trench shoring is the best equipment for the task. The light weight of aluminium shoring makes it the perfect piece of shoring protection for shallow trenches when compared to its steel counterpart. However, with the advancements made in protective shoring equipment, there is an array of aluminium shoring accessories that can help you to get the most out of the equipment. Read on.   

Edge Protection 

In most trench excavation projects, it is common to see trench shoring equipment installed flush with the ground level. The area surrounding the trench is always bare, and although workers are careful not to walk near the trench edge, you can never be too cautious. The reason is that you cannot rule out the possibility of slippage, especially when it rains, and that is where the edge protection system comes in. Trench shoring edge protection systems attach easily to the top of the shoring equipment. When several panels are connected, this system can create a constant run of edge protection. Most systems are made of plastic, which makes them light for easy installation and electrically non-conductive to eliminate potential electrocution.   

Crossing Plates

For trench excavations where space is limited, access can be an issue for workers and residents. For example, installing shoring equipment at the gate of an apartment complex makes access difficult for residents. It means an alternative access point must be created for convenience purposes. However, what option do you have if the surrounding area doesn't have enough space for an alternative access point? Crossing plates offer the perfect solution to this problem. Notably, crossing plates can be easily attached to the shoring system at any point to provide access for both people and vehicles. Moreover, you can link several crossing plates to the shoring system to achieve the desired crossing size. However, it depends on the amount of traffic accessing the property.     

Trench Walers 

As mentioned earlier, aluminium trench shoring equipment is best suited for shallow excavation projects. However, if you want to excavate slightly deeper, you need a more robust protective system such as steel trench boxes. Rather than buy or rent the latter, walers offer trench shoring systems the necessary bracing for excavations deeper than 3 feet. Equipped with a hydraulic system, trench shoring walers remain in place ensuring trench shoring system offers workers maximum protection.