3 Facts About Hiring a Floor Sander For a Wooden Floor Renovation Project

Posted on: 8 August 2019

A wooden floor requires sanding to give it that pristine appeal. Hiring floor sanders can be cost-effective for homeowners wishing to renovate wooden floors. Here are some facts about hiring a floor sander for a wooden floor renovation project.  

Types of Sanders — There are several types of sanders to suit every flooring job, including belt sanders, edge sanders, square sanders and drum sanders. A belt sander has a rotating brush that aids in trimming, sanding and levelling different wooden floors. This sander can use sandpapers of varying grit for various sanding applications as may be desired by the homeowner. As the name of this sander suggests, edge sanders are used to sand the edges of wooden floors in tight spaces, such as hard-to-reach edges and corners. This equipment is used to remove adhesives, paint, and tar stuck to edges. A drum sander is a heavy-duty type of machine for sanding large spaces and often used at the beginning of a sanding project.   

Multi-Directional Sander (Trio) — When you need a floor sander that can get the job done in a short time, then a multi-directional (trio) is your go-to sander. Such a machine has three rotating sanding discs that enable the sander to move in any direction of the floor without damaging the wooden grains. This equipment is ideal for parquet floors that need a glossy finish because the discs can move along the path of the grain. Note that a trio is not suitable for restoration of severely damaged floors, and thus, this sander will be best used on floors already sanded down by a heavy-duty belt sander.   

Cheap and Convenient — Compared to other methods of renovating wooden floors, sanding is even less expensive when you hire a floor sander for your DIY project. Dustless floor sanding technology has resulted in the development of sanding equipment that works at high speeds. As such, the price of sanding a square foot of floor has dramatically reduced, meaning more money in the homeowner's pocket. Also, home occupants don't have to move out for a few days as the project progresses because an entire home floor can be completed within a day. Additionally, most floor sanders are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and thus, they can be moved from room to room with ease. It enables a homeowner to complete the project in record time.

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