Top Tips During Earthmoving Equipment Hire

Posted on: 4 January 2019

Earthmovers refer to plant equipment used to excavate, level and move soil. They include graders, bulldozers, trenchers, excavators, backhoes, graders and pile drivers. Contractors often need these machines to complete various projects. If you are looking for earthmoving equipment hire services, below are a few useful tips.

Decide what kind of earthmover you want

Your scope of work will determine which type of earthmover you need. Although some earthmovers can perform similar roles, each machine has its specialty. For instance, both backhoe loaders and excavators have a bucket that you can use to dig and dispose of soil. However, the excavator is more of a specialty machine while the backhoe loader is versatile because it has a loader. The backhoe can work in small spaces while the excavator requires open space.

Look for a reliable hire company

The company you intend to hire the earthmover from must be reputable and experienced in plant equipment hire. Look for online reviews and testimonials from past clients when evaluating the company's reputation. 


The company you choose to engage should offer support services once you decide to work with them. For instance, the company should provide transport services to and from the site. These are essential when you require large earthmovers that need heavy haulage trucks to transport them. Another essential support service is repair and maintenance. Some earthmovers require specialised personnel to repair them. Their spare parts may also be hard to acquire. The company staff should be responsive to your inquiries and requests during the hire period. Remember that you could have emergencies when using the equipment. 

Costs and availability

Do some research on the costs of hiring the earthmover. The company's pricing must be consistent with the industry rates. However, do not be shy to ask for discounts if you intend to hire the earthmover for long. Also, ensure that the equipment is available for the period that you need it. 

The condition of the earthmover

The machine that you hire must be in good condition. You are better off dealing with companies that have relatively new equipment. Aged earthmovers are susceptible to a variety of mechanical problems that may slow down your work. The earthmover should also be insured. 

As a safety measure, earthmoving equipment should be operated by qualified personnel only. 

People seeking earthmoving equipment hire services should decide the kind of earthmover they want, look for a reputable hire company, seek after-hire support and evaluate the condition, costs, and availability of the earthmover.